Stepmother Motherland – new project by Joanna Lewicka

Questions about identity, the need to belong, and rooting seem extremely important to us. The words of Gertrude Stein, which inspired Joanna Lewicka to create this project “What good are roots if you can’t take them with you?” are a very interesting starting point.

Joanna Lewicka

They lead to reflection, whether in the era of various migrations – economic, political, life – we need such rooting, homeland or a home at all? We are happy that these questions will be asked in Lublin.

The project will focus on individual stories, but it will also allow to see the diversity our city is made of. The tradition of multiculturalism, and at the same time a question about its common denominator is extremely important for Lublin. How we can be different and create one space for dialogue. It will also allow to see what kind of Stepmother Homeland our city is. Posing all these questions through the theatre, will help avoid the various tensions that arise more and more often in discussions on topics related to identity, belonging and home.

We believe that only together can we create a new order and look for answers. That is why to participate in the project we invited people who came to Lublin to study, work or for other reasons; for whom Lublin is a new homeland, wanted or unwanted, beloved or less cherished, and who want to share their story. Joanna Lewicka, Katarzyna Tadeusz and Wicki Kalaitzi invite to the workshop / meeting held  in Polish and English.

10.02-10.03 – applications to participate in the project, please send to:
17-20.03 / Tuesday – Friday – workshop, 4.00 pm – 8.00 pm
21.03 / Saturday – full day preparation to the presentation,
5.00 pm – 1st presentation
8.00 pm – 2nd presentation

Written and directed by: Joanna Lewicka; project coordinator, workshops: Katarzyna Tadeusz, Marta Góźdź, Wicki Kalaitzi; sound and video: Maciej  Połynko; technical support: Centre for Culture in Lublin

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