Kinoteatr Project

Kinoteatr Project was founded in 2001 and its mission is the promotion of ambitious, valuable cinema, creating space for discussion on film and supporting the young film makers – especially those who would like to create films of high artistic value.
Kinoteatr Projekt organizes numerous presentations and film screenings as well as the Lublin Film Festival In 2014, the “Benshi” Film Discussion Group (co-hosted by filmmakers Joanna Gładysz and Krystian Drozd) began its activities. This is the only film circle in Lublin, whose principle is that the film is always accompanied by discussions, which in our opinion results in the involvement and constant presence of the audience interested in the film and talking about it.



Kinoteatr Project presents in Lublin films from the world’s largest platform for the presentation and promotion of short films – Future Shorts, as well as replicas of the most valuable Polish independent cinema festivals such as Euroshorts, One Minute Film Festival, Animator and Short Waves.

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