Death Naturath / Eraserhead / Progizer

20:00 – 2018-08-05 – Marian Lutosławski's Bridge –

Death Naturath – band present on the Lublin metal scene between 1989-1994. Experimenting with sounds the band remains faithful to the present day to the idea of creating metal or rock-metal music, both in its classic and alternative versions. The band: Wajlens – guitar, Lucyf – bass (replaced by Junior), Zwierzak – drums, Żarva – vocals.

Eraserhead – band from Lublin founded in July 2017, who plays metal music. It is a mix of hard rock, heavy metal, stoner, trash metal with elements of punk rock. The band are: Piotr Malec – drums, Mateusz Woś – guitar, Arkadiusz Szymański – guitar, Jacek Krawczyk – bass, Dawid Lach – vocal.

Progizer – the band was formed in September 2015 in Lublin. After a few turbulent rehearsals, they decided on rock music, based on strong guitar riffs and energetic hard vocals. Each meeting with Progizer perfectly reflects the emotions accompanying the band, which no one can remain indifferent to. The band are: Piotr (Fela) – vocal, Grzegorz (Grześ) – guitar, Krzysztof (Kuskes) – guitar, Arkadiusz (Arecki) – bass guitar, Przemysław (Poldek) – drums.

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Death Naturath / Eraserhead / Progizer
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