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19:00 – 2018-06-14 – Cinema – 12 / 15 zł

Pascal Laugier, master of nightmare and horror, creator of the legendary “Martyrs. Condemned to fear “returns with a new shocking film.

Pascal Laugier, master of nightmare and terror, the creator of the legendary “Martyrs. Condemned to fear ” returns with a new shocking film. A film for viewers with strong nerves who are familiar with film works with a radical, high level of brutality.

“Ghostland” is a horror film, which after the first shows was hailed as one of the most powerful pictures of the recent years. Turns of action, ghastly set design, fast pace and intriguing atmosphere draw the viewer from the first moments, at the same time shocking and arousing feelings of anxiety and even disgust.

Fascinated by horror and the work of H.P. Lovecraft, a teenage Beth, with her sister and mother, moves to the house that they received in inheritance from his aunt. The building is old, dark, filled with demonic toys and porcelain dolls, it looks like nobody has changed anything in it for decades. It evokes the thought of traumatic memories. But the demons of the past are not the only danger that women are to face. They are heading for real hell on earth.

directed by: Pascal Laugier
horror / Francja, Kanada / 2018
duration: 91 min

Splat!Nights – presents the most important and best contemporary films from the borderline of horror and fantasy. This is a year-round series, a part of the international festival of horror and the genre movie festival, Splat!FilmFest (Lublin, Warsaw), www.splatfilmfest.com.

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