Jazzpospolita [CANCELLED]

19:00 – 2020-03-29 – Main Auditorium – 35 zł

If we want everything to remain as it is, everything must change – a quote from the novel „The Leopard” by the Italian classic Giuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa accurately describes Jazzpospolita here and now, in 2020. The band enters the 20s with a new line-up, a new album, but with the same idea that guided it since his founding in 2008: playing jazz in a non-jazz way. Or to put it differently: collectively create music handfuls derived from jazz, but not being jazz. This approach resounds on the latest Jazzpospolita album entitled “Tide”, which was released on February 14, 2020. The compositions from „Tide” are different from previous recordings of the band, which is understandable given the presence of new musicians.

The symbolism of flowing water fits well with the current situation of Jazzpospolita: for some time the band has been going through the ebb phase, now it comes back with a wave and energy. „Tide” is a more homogeneous album than previous albums and rather calmer than them, although at the same time the musicians announce “improvisation” of the material at concerts. The leitmotif of the album are references to nature, which is reflected in the song titles: “White Forest”, “Reserve” or “Early Spring”. The tide itself is also associated with perspective and reflection, a changing view of the same places and events, compositions and sounds – as befits a teenage band, however.

Stefan Nowakowski – bass
Łukasz Borowicki – guitar
Karol Domański – drums
Jacek Kita – keyboards

Ceny biletów
35 zł
Kasa Czynna:
mon. - fri. between 13.00-18.00
and an hour before each event
tel.: 81 466 61 40
Artistic Management
e-mail: impresariat@ck.lublin.pl
tel: 81 466 61 09

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Jazzpospolita [CANCELLED]
19:00 35 zł Music