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“Lighthouse” is one of the most important movies of last year, with the outstanding roles of Willem Dafoe and Robert Pattinson. This film directed by Robert Eggers was awarded the FIPRESCI film critics award at the Cannes festival.

The old lighthouse located somewhere at the end of the world, in the middle of the stone emptiness and ghosts of the past that have seen and heard everything human. Two men who are to spend the next four tedious weeks here, watching over their own sanity and the light showing the way to those who are looking for him in rough waters.

The first of the men is Tom – a tough and tenacious man, a former man of the sea who suffered a painful leg injury. The second, Ephraim, is much younger and – at least at first – more open, but he is troubled by a secret that made him choose seclusion in the lighthouse instead of working as a lumberjack. When isolation from the outside world begins to take its tool, both men, each of them distorted by their lives in dozens of different ways, are forced to face their demons, while the surrounding real world begins to sink in a sea of surreal frustration. Only the helpful light is nowhere to be seen.

directed by: Robert Eggers
cast: Willem Defoe, Robert Pattinson
drama, horror / Canada, USA / 2019
running time: 110 min

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