Mary Komasa – DISARM tour

20:00 – 2020-09-18 – Main Auditorium – 30/40 zł

A charismatic voice combining original lyrics with progressive electronics and the avant-garde sound of a string quartet.

On her second album “Disarm”, Mary focuses on combining avant-garde orchestral sounds with progressive electronics. The album was created in London, Berlin and Warsaw. It was produced by the British duo, God Colony. Each concert during the “Disarm” tour is a unique performance. The artist focuses on emotions. Her performance resembles a stage monodram. Mary invited the young Polish artist Luke Jaszcza to the create visualization.
On stage, the artist will be accompanied by a string quartet, and Antoni Komasa-Łazarkiewicz will be responsible for electronic instruments.

“We live in a world where interpersonal communication has been interrupted. We distance ourselves from each other, running away from emotions. We put more and more fears on ourselves.
I want to go into them and feel them. I want to let you confront them.
Disarm, but don’t surrender.
Disarm is a tribute to my generation of shooting stars.
A testimony to the transformation I experienced and the consequences I had to face.
It is a record of my search for beauty and hope in an ever more decaying world.
I had to redefine myself.
Now I feel like myself again. "

Mary Komasa
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Mary Komasa – DISARM tour
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