Monika Chlebek, Dawid Czycz: Grayscale

12:00 – 2018-12-21 – Biała Gallery – free admission

The concept of the entire exhibition was based on a grayscale formula, while the thematic scope of the exhibition concerns everything that is between black and white.

This is the second joint exhibition of Monika Chlebek and Dawid Czycz with the same title. The first one took place in Dresden in 2016. The joint venture turned out to be an active area of exploration and became a creative challenge, which they want to continue in a much wider form.

Formally, Monika Chlebek will present paintings, collages and photographs as well as a spatial installation thematically referring to the title of the exhibition. Dawid Czycz will display a few minimalist installations made of sheet steel, which will be equipped with sound systems and will generate “gray noise”. This original concept of sound will become a kind of sound chaos that arouses anxiety, which will significantly increase the impact of the artist’s paintings. Another extended part of the exhibition will also be Dawid’s project entitled “Black Noise”.

Images, collages and photographs of Monika Chlebek will be a harmonious structure that will bring some kind of anxiety or tension, disharmony, disorder or discomfort. It’s about noise as a creation value.

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Monika Chlebek, Dawid Czycz: Grayscale
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