Prisoners By Choice / Slug Abuse / Shivers / Max Cady

19:00 – 2019-03-29 – Basement of the Centre – 20 zł

Prisoners By Choice is a band created in 2014, combining the melancholy of the Copenhagen punk scene from the beginning of the 21st century or the contemporary French scene with the predation of the British scene oi! from the 80’s. In 2016 they released a vinyl record by NIC Records and DIY Koło. A year later, a new vocalist appeared in the band.

Slug Abuse is a band from Toruń playing punk inspired by American music at the turn of the 80s and 90s. They released an album and an EP promoting their tour around Europe. The fans of Hüsker Dü and Wipers will like it. The members are Suicidebycop and Concrete Dog members.

Shivers is a Warsaw band that consists of hardcore punk musicians playing Glamor or Suicidebycop. It’s a cool post punk with synthesizer and decadent lyrics. Their music will appeal to fans of Litovsk, Syndrome 81 and Iceage.

Max Cady – Lublin street punk band with six years of experience and a charismatic vocalist. After several changes in the composition and released split 12 “with the Warsaw Lazy Class, they will play their first concert this year.

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20 zł
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tel.: 81 466 61 40
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Prisoners By Choice / Slug Abuse / Shivers / Max Cady
19:00 20 zł Music