Sona Jobareth

21:00 – 2018-06-17 – The Inner Courtyard – 20/30 zł

Sona Jobarteh feels perfectly comfortable in a wide range of world music, combining elements of African and European traditions.

Sona Jobarteh is a instrumentalist and singer from Gambia. Above all she is a representative of the Griots’ tradition (from the Central African countries), whose roots date back seven centuries. Traditions and skills of Griots are passed down from generation to generation in five clans. She is the first woman who professionally plays on the kora – a sacred instrument of Griots. It was her father who introduced here, with accordance to the tradition, to the old repertoire and history of the kora. Sona Jobarteh graduated from music schools in Great Britain: the Royal College of Music and the Purcell School of Music.

Today she is an instrumentalist, singer, composer and producer. She works with well-known musicians from around the world. Her voice can be heard in the 2013 blockbuster 2013 “Nelson Mandela: the road to freedom”.
On her last album “Fasiya”, Sona worked in Gambia and Great Britain, combining the music of both cultures. Her work is based on traditional instruments and sounds in a modern arrangement. In addition to the kora, Sona Jobarteh uses for example djembe (a type of drum with one membrane), popular especially in West Africa. Harmonious combination of melody and rhythm, as well as her strong, crystalline voice helped her win fans all over the world.

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20/30 zł
Kasa Czynna:
mon. - fri. between 12.00-17.00
and an hour before each event
tel.: 81 466 61 40
Lublin’s Artistic Salon
tel: 81 466 61 08
the ticket is valid for two concerts in the Inner Courtyard on 17.06

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Sona Jobareth
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