Splat! Nights

The Endless

19:00 – 2018-06-28 – Kino CK – 12 / 15 zł

One of the most original films of the year – pre-premiere in the Centre for Culture’s cinema – a hypnotizing, psychedelic and genius cinema experience.

Two brothers Aron and Justin receive a mysterious encrypted video message. They suspect that the recording comes from a sect that worships UFOs and confesses the cult of death, from which men fled with great difficulty in their youth. They decide, however, to return to the group, hoping that they will eventually be able to end certain matters. On the spot, they discover that the beliefs of worshippers are even stranger than they remember. To Justin’s concern, Aron is quickly influenced by the charismatic leader of the sect. With time, amazing, supernatural phenomena begin to take place in the deserted camp. Will brothers be able to know the truth before they become addicted to the sect again?

directed by: Justin Benson, Aaron Moorhead
horror, thriller, sci-fi / USA / 2017
duration: 111 min

Splat!Nights – presents the most important and best contemporary films from the borderline of horror and fantasy. This is a year-round series, a part of the international festival of horror and the genre movie festival, Splat!FilmFest (Lublin, Warsaw), www.splatfilmfest.com.

Ceny biletów
12 / 15 zł
Kasa Czynna:
mon. - fri. between 12.00-17.00
and an hour before each event
tel.: 81 466 61 40
Monika Stolat
tel .+48 519 122 799
e-mail: stolat.monika@gmail.com
for viewers over 15 years of age

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