Three Sisters

17:30 – 2018-10-13 – Teatr im. J. Osterwy, ul. Narutowicza 17 – 20/25/30 zł

The protagonists of Three Sisters – Olga, Masha and Irina, daughters of a high-rank army officer, fantasise about a different life in Moscow which to them is the symbol of a better, utopian reality.

The rhythm of their world is set by successive war interventions resulting in the arrivals and departures of the local garrison. In the background of the events described, lurks the upcoming war with Japan and the revolutions of 1905 and 1917. What is more, Chekhov’s characters are hindered by the sentimental and emotional conveniences they must obey. This timeless cliché of a drawing-room from the end of the 19th century produced numerous equally “universal” and clichéd interpretations of Czekhov’s plays.

'Jędrzej Piaskowski prepared a grotesque but heavy-weight performance for the Osterwa Theatre. His Three Sisters is a play about the violence of fitting contemporary life into anachronistic forms. Is Chekhov coming back to the centre of Polish theatre? (…) The Russian classic returns not only as the expert on playing with stiff conventions, but also as the representative of a specific social reflection, often perceived as passé. Whereas, in fact, both American TV-series and young Polish musicians or Internet artists explore (no other than Chekhov’s) themes of failure, powerlessness and depression, the reverse side of the capitalistic cult of success, fulfilment and personal growth.'

Witold Mrozek
Gazeta Wyborcza

The creators of the play desire to return to the intentions of the author. What really comes to the front in his works is the critical view of the contemporary socio-political situation and radical opposition to hypocrisy, the love of comfort and stupidity of the elites that do not appreciate the importance of their social role and the duties that it carries. Stuck in trivial, emotional problems, Chekhov’s characters hide behind the plans they never realised, outdated platitudes about the value of work and social equality. This highly critical gesture of the writer is conveyed through his love for humour, grotesque and satire, and through tampering with the tastes and expectations of the audience. Those are the elements of his work which have been surprisingly often overlooked by theatre productions of his plays to date.

TEXT: Antoni Chekhov, TRANSLATION: Agnieszka Lubomira Piotrowska, DIRECTOR: Jędrzej Piaskowski, DRAMATURGY: Hubert Sulima, STAGE SCRIPT: Jędrzej Piaskowski, Hubert Sulima, SET DESIGN / LIGHTS: Aleksander Prowaliński, COSTUMES: Hanka Podraza, MUSIC: Jan Tomza-Osiecki, CHOREOGRAPHY: Katarzyna Sikora, CAST: Magdalena Sztejman, Lidia Olszak, Jolanta Rychłowska, Daniel Dobosz, Wojciech Rusin, Maciej Grubich, Paweł Kos, Daniel Salman, Janusz Łagodziński
PREMIERE: 9 March 2018

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Three Sisters
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