Watch Docs 2020: Short movies [CANCELLED]

16:00 – 2020-03-28 – Cinema – free admission

Best of Luck with the Wall
The ironic wish expressed in the title is just about the only comment made by the artist during the seven-minute journey over the Mexican–American border that was made possible thanks to 200,000 satellite images. This memorable film was made by Josh Begley, a digital artist who uses various data visualization techniques in his work.
directed by: Josh Begley; editing: Jonah Greenstein; production: Field of Vision, The Intercept; USA / 2016, 7 min

The Trial
The biggest criminal trial in US history will have little to do with the ideals and guarantees of the American Constitution, which the authorities say doesn’t extend to the base at Guantanamo. Johanna Hamilton portrays the three defenders of one of those accused of the 9/11 attacks. Although he is facing the death penalty, even the filmmakers behind Zero Dark Thirty had better access to case files than they did. The lawyers have already grown accustomed to wiretaps and have even exposed an agent on their team.
directed by: Johanna Hamilton; cinematography: Nora Ballard, Erich Roland; editing: Zach Neumeyer; production: Field of Vision; USA / 2018, 16 min

Lasting Marks
In 1987, at the height of Margaret Thatcher’s rule, the British police obtained a recording that documented an S&M sex party. Although everyone there took part in this completely private event of their own free will and they were all of legal age, an investigation was launched that culminated two years later in a humiliating trial that was widely reported by tabloids.
directed by: Charlie Lyne; editing: Charlie Lyne; production: Loop, Field of Vision; Great Britain /2018, 14 min

Scenes from a Dry City
What does life look like in a big city when the water runs out? Like in Cape Town, South Africa, where the police go after poor people whose only source of income are illegal car washes, and the elderly who consume the last drops of the precious liquid to water their gardens. And yet there are luxury hotels operating without a hitch right next door whose giant golf courses don’t seem to be lacking for water.
directed by: Simon Wood, François Verster; cinematography: Simon Wood, François Verster; editing: Khalid Shamis; production: Field of Vision, SaltPeter Productions; RSA, USA / 2018, 13 min

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The premiere of a short, non-commercial feature film made by a group of young creators from the collective
Watch Docs 2020: Short movies [CANCELLED]
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