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Spilna Kultura – connecting the artists

Let’s build culture together in Lublin! Spilna Kultura is the idea aimed at connecting, cooperating and accompanying in a difficult time.

Spilna Kultura is to be a platform for information and presentation of cultural activities, also available to the Ukrainian-speaking people.

• You can apply here if you are a creator, culture animator or educator;
• Here you will find events which are available in different languages or do not have linguistic barriers;
• Here we will help you find financing for your activities, in the extend which within our abilities;
• Here you will find out which cultural and art institutions or centres operating in our city are covered by the Spilna Kultura programme;
• Here you will learn about the possibilities of local, technical, promotional and human support for your activities.

Remember that culture and art can become not only an area of expression or experience, but also meeting, communication, education, support, work and reciprocity.

Write us at or fill out the questionnaire if:
• you are an employee of Ukrainian cultural institution, the creative sector, an animator, or an artist;
• you can do something unique, you are creative, you can share it and make art out of this ability;
• you represent an area of culture that we may not know exists – the more we invite you.

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