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Horror Noire: Historia Czarnego Horroru
A lesson about the history of black horror.
Wrinkles the Clown
While Pennywise spends his days in the sewers, Wrinkles is out scaring kids
Memory: The Origins of Alien
The birth of the xenomorph.
Dark Encounter
A close encounter that will hurt like no other.
The Wave
Psychedelic travel in time and space.
The True Adventures of Wolfboy
About a boy who’s looking for acceptance.
“The Disaster Artist” of porn industry.
The Art of Self-Defense
The first principle of the art of self-defence: forget everything you know about self-defence.
The Death of Dick Long
No one’s cocky when Dick Long dies.
You Might Be The Killer
Maybe you should call your friend?
Madness in the Method
Once upon a time in Hollywood.
Come to Daddy
Playing with dad is always better but never safer.
We Summon the Darkness
If you’re listening to metal, know that the devil is already interested in you.
The Black String
“The Black String” is a subtle mix of “It Follows”, “Stranger Things” and “A Dark Song”.
Monster party
A party you will never forget.
Tentacles, zombies and transhumanism at a fashion show.
Body at Brighton Rock
It’s not another story about a strong and independent heroine.
Blood quantum
Until the last drop of blood

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