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18:00 - 16.03.2018 - Biała Gallery - more


18:00 - 16.03.2018 - more

Exhibition of works by Paweł Nowak. The exhibition’s title was inspired by the liquidation of the studio, in which the artist has been working for almost 25 years.

The artist creates paintings, objects, installations, drawings, photographs and films. Regardless of the chosen material (wax, glass, paint, pigment, paper, wood, plastic, metal) the motive of his work is reflection on human existence, expressed in a way suggesting its physical limitations, fragility and passing away. Instinct, vitality, emotions and relationships with another person become their most important intention of the message, which he consistently carries out with his diverse and at the same time very coherent works.


Biała Gallery


The Biała Gallery

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16-03-2018 - more

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