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Agata Zbylut: Pańcia

18:00 - 14.09.2018 - Biała Gallery - more

Agata Zbylut: Pańcia

18:00 - 14.09.2018 - more

Awareness of one’s gender, cultural and social stereotypes about women, the inevitability of passing away are some of the subjects touched by Agata Zbylut.

The exhibition will present a wide spectrum of this well-known artist’s activity in all exhibition halls of the Biała Gallery. In addition to earlier ipeojects, a series of works created as a result of aesthetic medicine treatments will be presented.
The inspiration for Agata Zbylut’s artistic activities is also the Internet and mutual penetration of the private and public spheres. The artist clashes thiose with daily situations, which she generates with the use of photography, using her own image.


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Agata Zbylut: Pańcia

14-09-2018 - more

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