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Angel Has Fallen [ONLINE]

20:30 - 19.11.2020 - Online - more

Angel Has Fallen [ONLINE]

20:30 - 19.11.2020 - more

Rojda is a young German soldier with Kurdish-Iraqi roots who has lived in Germany since childhood. He is currently looking for his mother Ferhat in a Greek refugee camp. When they both finally find each other after years of separation, everything will finally fall into place. However, their happiness soon fades when Rojda learns that her sister Dilan is still in Iraq.

Angel Has Fallen – online

dir. Daphne Charizani
cast: Almila Bagriacik, Zübeyde Bulut, Gonca de Haas
drama, Germany 2020
93 min.




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Angel Has Fallen [ONLINE]

19-11-2020 - more

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