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19:00 - 17.02.2018 - Main Auditorium - more


19:00 - 17.02.2018 - more

The new work by Kuźmiński is a caleidoscope of images and memories, capturing a man in a surreal space, where time wraps on itself

Recurring and seemingly disconnected scenes reflect the contemporary, fragmented world, where actual and virtual images blur beyond recognition. Resulting is a portrait of five individuals, each having own story and desires, suspended in constant motion. They become a part of an archipelago of memories, which gradually envelops the audience with an unforgettable strength of imagery.

Kuźmiński reveals the solitude of an individual by stripping the choreography of any physical touch between the dancers. In his works he often creates strong and atmospheric stage images, which seem to create a sence of a journey. These in turn are contrasted with moments of suspension, where actors perform in slow motion, or prevail in painfully elongated stillness. The fragmented composition, existencial character of his works and links to XXI century philosophy ( in this case Deleuze’an concept of time-image ) all contribute to gradually emerging choreographic style of Maciej Kuźmiński.

Maciej Kuźmiński – Choreographer, performer, educator, producer. Co-artistic director of the Caro Dance Theatre in Siedlce, Poland. His independent works form repertoire of the Maciej Kuźmiński Company. Initiator and organizer of the Polish Dance Network. Since 2014 Kuźmiński’s works have been presented over 70 times in England, Germany, Israel, Brasil, Austria, Finland, the Netherlands, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Serbia, Ukraine, Belarus, Armenia, Georgia, Italy, Hungary and Poland. The multi-award winning artist has claimed among others the prestigious Audience Award at the Polish Dance Platform 2014, 2nd Prize and Scapino Ballet Prize at the international choreographic competition in Hannover 2016, as well as 1st Prize, Critics Prize and Special Prize at the Festival of Choreographic Miniatures in Serbia 2017.
The artist is developing two movement techniques since 2009 – Floor Work and Dynamic Phrasing, based on a wholistic approach to movement through Fascia, inspired by the energy-driven approach from Tai-Chi and supported by movement analysis system called Choreology. He is also developing a compositional method called Task Basket.

production: Caro Dance Theatre with Centre for Culture and Art in Siedlce, Poland, Zduńska Wola Culture House, Poland and JOHAN Centrum in Pilsen, Czech Republic
supporters: Centre for Culture and Art in Siedlce, Poland; Zduńska Wola Culture House, Poland; JOHAN Centrum in Pilsen, Czech Republic, Visegrad Artist Residency Fund – Performing Arts Grants, East European Performing Arts Programme – Small Grants, Institute of Music and Dance – “Scene for Dance 2017” grant for touring


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17-02-2018 - more

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