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17:30 - 08.12.2019 - Cinema - more


17:30 - 08.12.2019 - more

Ukraine!4th Film Festival: Sergei, a former soldier suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, has a problem adjusting to the new reality.

Eastern Ukraine, in the nearest future. A desert unsuitable for human habitation. Sergey, a former soldier suffering from PTSD, is having trouble adapting to his new reality. He joins the volunteer Black Tulip mission dedicated to exhuming war corpses. Digging up the corpses, he tries to overcome his trauma and find the strength to live on. Will he accept himself as he is and learn to live without war? Director’s statement: “The biggest problem of the Donbas after the 2014 war with Russia is not economic degradation, but ecological catastrophe. Hundreds of mines from which water was previously pumped out are now abandoned and flooded. Poisoned water from them falls into wells and rivers. After a few years, there will be no drinking water in this region, and Donbas will turn into a lifeless desert like Chernobyl. My film is about this disaster”.

directed by: Valentyn Vasyanovych
cast: Vasyl Antoniak, Lyudmila Bileka, Andriy Rymaruk
drama / Ukraine / 2019
awards: the best film in the ‘Orizzonti’ section – Venice International Film Festival 2019
running time: 106 min




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08-12-2019 - more

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