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Be two – workshops for couples

18:00 - 07.03.2023 - Studio nr 4 - 80 zł couple / registration - more

Be two – workshops for couples

18:00 - 07.03.2023 - 80 zł couple / registration - more

The 3-hour workshop is devoted to the practice of interaction, play, movement and dance.

The meeting is primarily an opportunity to get to know each other better, a unique way of communication through body language: touching and exchanging energy, listening to and feeling the state of the other person.

During the workshops you will be able to:

– bring the body into a harmonious state of lightness;
– learn to accept support and trust the partner, get closer to each other;
– plunge into the subtle world of sensations and feelings (visual perception is relegated to the background);
– move from routine questions and tasks to non-verbal dialogue with your partner;
– get closer to yourself and become more mindful of yourself.

All tasks and tools offered during our body and dance exercises you can use in the future yourself at home. We hope that the workshops will be an excellent source of harmony, energy and body awareness.

leading by: Inna Aslamova

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80 zł couple / registration

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Be two – workshops for couples

07-03-2023 - 80 zł couple / registration - more

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