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Centre of Movement

10:00 - 07.05.2023 - Sale prób (I piętro) - 70-100 zł - more

Centre of Movement

10:00 - 07.05.2023 - 70-100 zł - more

Centre of Movement is a project by the Lublin Dance Theatre established in response to the need to share our greatest passion, which is dance.

With many years of dance, pedagogical and choreographic experience, our dream was to create a space where every person, regardless of age and level of advancement, will be able to experience movement through dance in its various guises. Bearing in mind a comprehensive approach to working with the body in the schedule of regular classes, in addition to the leading contemporary dance technique, we offer classes in classical dance, improvisation, supporting techniques, such as yoga or body centre, as well as Psychotherapy with Dance and Movement. We work with professional dance educators who are also artists that creatively follow new trends in the processes of movement creation. Our offer is addressed to people of all ages: children, yound adults, adults and seniors, both amateurs who take their first steps in the world of dance, and professionals for whom dance has become a form of expression and a way of life. For children, we offer original programs based on the development of natural movement and creative predispositions.

Centre of Movement is carried out in the framework of the Spaces of Art programme supported by the Ministry of Culture, National Heritage and Sport, the National Institute of Music and Dance and the Theatre Institute. The local operator of the program is the Centre for Culture in Lublin.
The "Miracles of creativity" classes are carried out as part of the artistic scholarship of the National Institute of Music and Dance We support Ukraine.

Ceny biletów

70-100 zł

Cultural Center Ticket office

Open Monday to Friday from 12:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

phone: 81 466 61 40
oraz: 728 474 209

On other days, e-mail contact:


Information and mandatory registration: tel: 660 577 716
The number of places in groups is limited. Passes: 70 – 100 PLN; single classes: 25 PLN
The schedule and application form for the 2022/2023 season are available at


Sale prób (I piętro)


Lublin Dance Theatre

tel: 81 466 61 46

Centre of Movement

07-05-2023 - 70-100 zł - more

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