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Man in the Centre

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19:00 - 25.06.2018 - Cinema - more
Man in the Centre

Czy czeka nas koniec?

19:00 - 25.06.2018 - more

From Academy Award®-winning filmmaker Fisher Stevens and Academy Award®-winning actor, environmental activist and U.N. Messenger of Peace Leonardo DiCaprio, Before the Flood presents a riveting account of the dramatic changes now occurring around the world due to climate change, as well as the actions we as individuals and as a society can take to prevent the disruption of life on our planet.

Beyond the steps we can take as individuals, the film urges viewers to push their elected officials in supporting the use of alternative energy sources such as solar and wind power. “We need everyone to demand bold action from their political leaders and to elect representatives who have their best interests at heart, not the interests of corporations to perpetuate a cycle of greed and destruction,” says DiCaprio. “This documentary shows how interconnected the fate of all humanity is — but also the power we all possess as individuals to build a better future for our planet.”

Before the Flood premieres in cinemas on October 21st and will air globally on the National Geographic Channel on October 30th in 171 countries and 45 languages. The film is directed by Fisher Stevens and produced by Leonardo DiCaprio, Fisher Stevens, Jennifer Davisson and Trevor Davidoski with Brett Ratner and James Packer of RatPac Entertainment. It was written by Mark Monroe and Executive Produced by Martin Scorsese, Adam Bardach, Mark Monroe, and Zara Duffy. The film is edited by Geoffrey Richman A.C.E., Ben Sozanski, Abhay Sofsky, and Brett Banks. The Director of Photography is Antonio Rossi. The Executive Music Producers are Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross with original music by Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross, Mogwai and Gustavo Santaolalla.

directed by: Fisher Stevens
dokumentary/ USA/ 2016
duration: 96 min

Man in the Centre
This is a new film series with which we would like to draw attention to the importance of helping and protecting human dignity around the world. Every month we will present a film that sensitizes to social injustice, shows emotions and inspires to help others. We will show that even small activities can create a better reality in different parts of the world. In accordance with our mission, we will address the issues of preventing and mitigating the effects of human suffering; protection of dignity, discrimination based on nationality, race, gender, religious or ethnic beliefs. The HumanDoc Festival is a partner of the “Human Center” series.

The series of film screenings on humanitarianism and assistance to those in need is supported by the Lublin Regional Branch of the Polish Red Cross.




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Czy czeka nas koniec?

25-06-2018 - more

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