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Czuła Obserwacja – Sound Laboratory [ONLINE]

22:00 - 26.11.2020 - Online - more

Czuła Obserwacja – Sound Laboratory [ONLINE]

22:00 - 26.11.2020 - more

In the pandemic reality, we try to recreate the atmosphere liked by the audience, this includes the Festival Club events. For obvious reasons, we are not opening the cellars of the Centre for Culture this year, but we have something different to offer. We invite you to Festival Club Online, which we are launching on our Facebook page and the Zoom platform! You will be able to listen to the conversations with the film’s authors, experience a multimedia concert, laugh at the stand-up, and even participate in a film quiz. Regardless of where you live. Let’s meet up, this time online!

It’s an unprecedented event– Czuła Obserwacja invites you to its Sound Lab! They will play music for the films, but this time directly in the place where it is made, where they feel like a fish in the water and where many things have happened since 1909 (the founding of the Kamienica Cudów). During the online concert, they will create the musical setting for Winsor McCay’s avant-garde animations. The band returns to the film material they faced on the LFF stage in the first year of their activity. Since then, they have managed to define a style and create their own sound system. They want to show it to you!

Czuła Obserwacja – The band was founded in 2017 for the purpose of composing and performing live music to Alfred Hitchcock’s silent film Champagne. In the last 3 years, they have repeated this process about 20 times, creating music to The Blood of Poet by J. Cocteau, Winsor McCay’s avant-garde animations, Nanook of the North and films made by G. Mielies, E.S. Porter, R. Wienie, Lotte Reiniger. Over time, they have developed activities unrelated to cinema. Czuła Obserwacja often performs and records in collaboration with music and art personalities in a broader context, using a variety of variable sets of instruments. This allows the use of a varied sound palette, unique loops prepared individually for each performance, and the use of a selection from a wide range of instruments. The music for the films performed by the band is characterized by psychological clarity and whimsical spirituality. The band uses the method of observation and emphasizes with their compositions and improvisations the weirdness, cosmic distance and the omnipresent mocking hyperboles of meaning. It illustrates not only the film itself, but rather the spectator’s state, self-reference on the verge of fear and amusement with the oddity he observes.




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Czuła Obserwacja – Sound Laboratory [ONLINE]

26-11-2020 - more

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