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Empty Bodies

18:00 - 27.11.2022 - Main Auditorium - 15/25 zł - more

Empty Bodies

18:00 - 27.11.2022 - 15/25 zł - more
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“Empty Bodies” is a show about a longing for connection with our primal nature, for closeness to the mother who cuddles us.

“Empty Bodies” is a collage-structured performance, where poetic images referring to the theme of the mother-child relationship are intertwined with motifs taken from the lives of three women, each of whom struggles with the problems of corporeality in her own way. Who does the body that is a sexual object belong to? How does the body internalize the feeling of rejection, why does the lack of closeness take away a person’s voice and right to decide? What if the body no longer meets expectations when it becomes empty? Can it be repaired? How do we function in a world of perfect, skinny bodies that need to be ironed, wrinkles and other traces of life removed? Can a body with access to fertility and internal potential become the result of production, an object that can be transformed?

“Empty Bodies” is a show about a longing for connection with our primal nature, for closeness to the mother who cuddles us. It is also a show about hunger and emptiness, which is the price we pay for an ideal “plastic” world: with an exhausted mother who cannot feed her children. It is a world of cold, distant, empty spaces. We stand on the brink of ecological destruction, and the land we walk on becomes dry and barren.

choreography and concept: Karolina Kroczak; performed by: Aleksandra Krajewska, Agata Pankowska / Ilona Gumowska, Elwira Piorun
music: collage; photography / visual setting: Natalia Miedziak- Skonieczna; text: Kaya Szulczewska; Graphic design of promotional materials by Gregor Konarski / photo by Natalia Miedziak Skonieczna; production: Zawirowania Dance Theater / Contemporary Stage Foundation; photography: Marta Rosa; running time: 50 min; premiere: December 14, 2019

Manufactured with the support of the Capital City of Warsaw.

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15/25 zł

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* Note: The show features strobe lights and elements of nudity - in one of the scenes the dancers are topless and strobe lights.


Main Auditorium


Lublin Dance Theatre

tel: 81 466 61 46

Empty Bodies

27-11-2022 - 15/25 zł - more

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