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17. Lublin Film Festival


18:30 - 17.11.2023 - Main Auditorium - 10 zł - more
17. Lublin Film Festival


18:30 - 17.11.2023 - 10 zł - more
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Focus: Theme is a competition in which we pay special attention to the content of the film and the way in which the authors talk about the problems they present in their films.

Short films very quickly respond to current trends and phenomena, and often pave new paths for full-lengths. In this competition can be found many themes that trigger both local and global discussions. We hope that the films we have selected will help us understand different points of view on a complicated reality.

A Glorious Day, dir. Romuald Rodrigues Andrade, Ludovic Aklil Piette (France) 2022, 22’, 15+
20-year-old Kamel is an activist working for the development of his low-income neighbourhood. One day, he receives an invitation to a meeting with a minister from the French government. Together with his colleagues, he wants to make the most out of this unusual opportunity. Film awarded at ISFF Oberhausen. Polish premiere.

Of Kisses and Capes, dir. Elena Weiss (Germany) 2022, 27’, 16+
Isi and Finn are planning their first time, which is a difficult endeavour due to their physical disabilities. They decide to seek professional help. Film presented at HollyShorts FF. Polish premiere.

Wife Carrying, dir. Mathias Rifkiss, Colas Rifkiss (France) 2023, 25’, 15+
In the village, they say that Denis and Céline have a little problem with their relationship, as she is the one who supports them and he takes care of the house. Denis decides to enter a wife-carrying race to restore his sense of masculinity. Film presented at FIFF. Polish premiere.

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17-11-2023 - 10 zł - more

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