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16:00 - 14.10.2018 - The Black Room - more


16:00 - 14.10.2018 - more

The performance is an attempt to answer the question about the way of practicing art, about the readiness to make sacrifices in the name of artistic radicalism and the consequences of this radicalism for the artist as a man living in a family and in society.

Based on „Hamlet” by Williama Shakespeare

DIRECTOR: Radosław Stępień – 4th year of the Faculty of Drama Directing at the AST National Academy of Theatre Arts in Cracow
ARTISTIC SUPERVISION: Remigiusz Brzyk Ph. D., SET DESIGN: Eliza Gałka, MUSIC: Aladyn Loniak, CAST: Maciej Grubich, Klaudia Bełcik, Paweł Pogorzałek, Kamila Janik, Patryk Michalak, Mateusz Smoliński, Jakub Guszkowski, Hubert Fiebig, Sebastian Magdziński, Irek Mosio
PREMIERE: 31st March 2017


The Black Room


Theatre Confrontation Team

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14-10-2018 - more

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