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22:30 - 21.04.2018 - Basement of the Centre - more


22:30 - 21.04.2018 - more

A new, multi-generational project, musicians from Łódź, Bydgoszcz and Warsaw.

JAZąBU are four musical personalities, which have been combined by a free improvisation built around jazz, whose unhurried pace and saving of sounds allow to resonate with music and create a fascinating space. There are many colors and unobvious paths here, and the sound searching is dipped in a psychedelic shell that deftly combines with the legacy of the yass scene. Piotr Mełech will play as a guest of the project.

Wojciech Jachna – trumpet, flugelhorn
Piotr Mełech – bass clarinet
Marek Kądziela – guitar, electronics
Jacek Buhl – drums, percussion


Basement of the Centre


Artistic Management

tel: 81 466 61 09


21-04-2018 - more

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