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26. IDTF: Kasia Wolińska


19:00 - 11.11.2022 - ACKiM UMCS Chatka Żaka - 20/30 PLN - more
26. IDTF: Kasia Wolińska


19:00 - 11.11.2022 - 20/30 PLN - more
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The key to longevity is learning every aspect of [dance] that you can.


„Kiss” is a manifestation of the desire to reclaim dance as a driving force and joyful expression of being alive.

The choreography for three dancers evolves along Prince’s posthumously released album “Piano & A Microphone 1983”. His remarkable ability to move between aesthetics, as well as the diversity of the musical language of this album, serve as a compositional and narrative basis. “Kiss” plays virtuously and heterogeneously with techniques, qualities and colours of dance to recapture it in its affective potential and musicality – dance as an invigorating experience.

“Kiss” is a project by Kasia Wolinska, funded by the Berlin Senate Department for Culture and Europe and the Foundation for German-Polish Cooperation, with the support of Lublin Dance Theatre, Centre Français de Berlin and Goethe-Institut Warsaw.

concept and choreography: Kasia Wolińska; choreographic collaboration: Myriam Lucas; dance: Julek Kreutzer, Hinako Taira / Kasia Ustowska, Kasia Wolińska; dance coaching: Myriam Lucas, Shannon Cooney; musical direction: Oleg Dziewanowski; costume design and sewing: Ewa Wolińska; light design: Alexsander Prowaliński; dramaturgy: Thomas Schaupp; production: Magda Garlińska; photography: Sven Gutjahr; duration: 45 min

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11-11-2022 - 20/30 PLN - more

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