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La La Land

18:00 - 27.02.2018 - Cinema - more

La La Land

18:00 - 27.02.2018 - more

Los Angeles. A jazz pianist falls in love with a budding actress.

Mia is an aspiring actress who, while waiting for a chance, works as a waitress. Sebastian is a jazz musician who, instead of recording discs, plays to a cutlet in a subterranean restaurant. When the paths of these two are cut, they will share their common desire to start doing what they love. Love gives them strength, but when the careers are beginning to settle down, there is less and less time and energy for each other. Will they be able to save their feelings without giving up their dreams?

director: Damien Chazelle
USA / 2016
duration: 126 min

Where does the Benshi name come from?
When the cinema appeared in Japan the special office of storyteller and interpreter, because of the cultural differences, was created with it. He was responsible for explaining to viewers the content flowing from the foreign movies. This responsible office was called “Benshi”.

Project co-financed by the Polish Film Institute and National Film Archive




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La La Land

27-02-2018 - more

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