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Limboski & Sosnowski – premiere

20:00 - 19.08.2020 - The Inner Courtyard - more

Limboski & Sosnowski – premiere

20:00 - 19.08.2020 - more

In spite of the pandemic stillness and general discouragement, Limboski and Sosnowski wrote the song “Odmrożeni” (“Defrosted”) and set off on a “double bill” tour.

Blues rhythms, surprising twists and dark humour will be their constant companions in this summer escapade through the concert barren land. They will meet an audience which is angry and hungry for music and, like the old Troubadours, will bring them the long-awaited relief.


The Inner Courtyard


Artistic Management

tel: 81 466 61 09

Limboski & Sosnowski – premiere

19-08-2020 - more

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