Lublin Film Festival All Year Round: Animated Love

18:00 - 22.02.2023 - free admission - more

Lublin Film Festival All Year Round: Animated Love

18:00 - 22.02.2023 - free admission - more

Lublin Film Festival is an international celebration of cinema and an opportunity to get acquainted with the latest films of emerging stars of world cinematography.

LFF All Year Round screenings are replay of festival’s hits which revolve around the same subject matter or are similar in form. In Februrary we will show animated films from several last LFF editions and selections. Love in these eight films has different facets, it prompts the change of an entire life, it can sometimes be romantic, but also physiological and blunt.

Slouch / dir. Michael Bohnenstingl / USA / 2022 / 18 min / 16+
Wannabe musical legend, Slouch, who is torn between the prompts of his song-writing-demon, Nuffti, to deep dive into his darkest emotions, and the suggestions of his pregnant girlfriend, Lisa, who wants a settled family life. The film was nominated for the Annie Award.

Dating Internet Strangers / dir. Eduardo Wahrhaftig / Brazil / 2021 / 11 min / 16+
Tens of millions of people are using some kind of dating app. This is a compilation of good and bad date stories shared by some of these users, and their impressions about online dating in the smartphone era.

Turbo Love / dir. Alicja Jasina / Poland / 2021 / 7 min / 15+
Olivia – an aspiring love couch guru – makes a tutorial about Turbo Love which is a computer software that is supposed to give one full control of their love life. However, the application starts to get out of control. Film awarded at “Prowincjonalia” PFF.

Kadr z filmu animowanego. Rysunkowa postać o białych oczach i zębach trzyma uniesioną gitarę. W tle samochód na wzniesieniu terenu. Całość fioletowo różowa.

Alba’s Memories / dir. Andrea Martignoni, Maria Steinmetz / Germany / 2019 / 6 min / 13+
Alba’s memories take us to Italy in the 1950s and the world of her intimate emotions. Film presented at Annecy IAFF and Krakow Film Festival.

Eyes and Horns / dir. Chaerin Im / Republic of Korea / 2021 / 6 min / 18+
Exploration of masculinity begins with the Minotaur, a mythical creature which goes through a violent struggle between being male and female. Finally, lines blur and boundaries of sexes disappear. The film was screened at festivals in Annecy and Zagreb, among others.

A Thousand Kisses / dir. Richard Goldgewicht / USA / 2018 / 17 min / 13+ A story of a young Jewish couple separated by the war, based on their actual correspondence, with a light touch of irony and real-life poetry. Film presented at Annecy IAFF.

The girl from the porno movie / dir. Janek Koza / Poland / 2020 / 5 min / 16+
Music video for Hiob Dylan based on the urban legend about the girl from the porn movie which was working in the local supermarket.

Loop / dir. Pablo Polledri / Spain / 2021 / 8 min / 13+
In this society each human being repeats the same action over and over again, in this society each human being repeats the same action over and over again, in this society… Film presented at e.g. Animator IAFF.

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Lublin Film Festival All Year Round: Animated Love

22-02-2023 - free admission - more

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