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Lublin Film Festival presents: 25 year of Slovakian animation

18:00 - 17.10.2018 - Cinema - more

Lublin Film Festival presents: 25 year of Slovakian animation

18:00 - 17.10.2018 - more

The series Lublin film Festival all year round is a presentation of films connected by the same subject, form, idea, presented and submitted to the Festival.

25 Years in Slovak Animation
On the occasion of the 25 years of Slovakia’s independence, Slovak Film Institute and Fest Anča have prepared the compilation containing widely recognized and renowned Slovak animated shorts made since 1993. Selected shorts present various precedencies, milestones and distinguish authors who have formed Slovak contemporary animation. The selection was curated by Fest Anča.


Balada o štyroch koňoch A Ballad of Four Horses
by Gratex
1995, 4 min.
The first Slovak computer animated music video.

Kroky, skoky, roky… a posledný zhasne
Steps, Jumps, Years… and the Last One Turn the Lights Off
by Katarína Kerekesová, Vanda Raýmanová, Michal Struss, Karol Holubčík, Maroš Končok,
Vlado Král, Martina Matlovičová, Matej Klade, Martin Snopek
1995, 5 min.
100 years of cinema in animated box.

by Igor Derevenec, Juraj Krumpolec
1997, 4 min.
The first Slovak music video made completely by computer using 3D animation

Dvojhlasná Invencia A-Mol
Double voice invention a-minor
by Vladimír Král
1998, 2 min.
The chase of the redhood and the wolf, with the sad end.

V kocke
In the Box
by Michal Struss
1999, 6 min.
Short film about space.

Lionardo Mio
Lionardo Mio
by Ivana Šebestová
2004, 7 min.
Florence, 1500 A. C. A theatre company performs a love story à la commedia dell’arte:
Harlequin desires Columbine, but she loves a noble and mysterious painter Leonardo da
Vinci. The story gets tangled, nobody knows anymore what fiction is and what reality. Only
Leonardo keeps his head cool and makes use of the emotional disorder to create his

by Veronika Obertová
2009, 7 min. A story of Viliam, who lives his own animated life within the real world. Childish fun turns
into a problem, the problem becomes a solution. No solution is perfect though…

by Peter Budinský
2011, 6 min.
The story is about two Siamese twins fighting each other in the boxers’ ring. “Thanks” to
their disability they are sharing professional and private life, both from the different social
side. The story is coming to the head when the smaller from the brothers tries to win a common fight. However, situation present that one part cannot be without another part.

Posledný autobus
The Last Bus
by Ivana Laučíková
2011, 15 min.
The Last Bus is a short film about people who are hunted.

by Matúš Vizár
2013, 11 min.
They are the product of millions of generations before them and yet they’re left all alone in
the forest to fend for themselves. One day an all to active primate, the human being, finds
them and they quickly become a pond in man’s games.

by Dávid Štumpf
2015, 5 min.
According to the rules of the Wild West, thieves must be punished. But when the sheriff’s
horse breaks, there is no-one to ever-see rule-keeping.

Duch mesta
Spirit of the City
by Andrej Kolenčík, Veronika Kocourková
2015, 4 min.
Pixel-art music video clip about the city and the life in it.

Coorganizers: Slovenský filmový ústav / Slovak Film Institute, Slovakian Institute Warsaw and Fest Anca.




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Lublin Film Festival presents: 25 year of Slovakian animation

17-10-2018 - more

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