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manRay. Barbarian

18:00 - 21.05.2022 - Main Auditorium - 20/30 zł - more

manRay. Barbarian

18:00 - 21.05.2022 - 20/30 zł - more
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The visual and musical avant-garde poem based on the idea of Jacenty Krawczyk is a continuation of his fascination with the works of outstanding 20th century artists.

This time, Emmanuel Radnitzky, born in 1890 in Philadelphia, working under the pseudonym Man Ray, became the protagonist and point of reference in Krawczyk’s deliberations. He was not only a photographer, but also a painter, photogram maker and film director. Ray’s photos were created in his studio as a result of long-term work with an object or model and an unconventional idea, just like surreal paintings.
He spent most of his life in Paris, where he died in 1976. He had his tombstone engraved with the motto: “Not interested, but not indifferent.”

"The performance [...] is not only a tribute to the work of the American photographer and painter Man Ray. “ManRay. Barbarian” is primarily a musical, dance and visual gem, evoking and enlivening the techniques used by this artist, which function perfectly in the performance of the Sopot Dance Theatre."

The performance of the Sopot Dance theatre is a free interpretation of Man Ray’s works, in the style of avant-garde performance video art, where actors-dancers play out according to their own interpretation in the form of experimental surreal films and paintings by Man Ray.
Artists from Sopot construct abstract paintings, permeated with a sensual atmosphere and magical forms, in which the body acquires alternately human and dehumanized shapes.

Light: Mateusz Gierc
Cast: Joanna Czajkowska, Aleksandra Foltman, Asia Nadrowska, Jacek Krawczyk
Duration: 48 min
Photography: Jurek Bartkowski, Anna Kłosowska
Premiere: April 12, 2021

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manRay. Barbarian

21-05-2022 - 20/30 zł - more

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