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20:30 - 25.05.2024 - Cinema - 15/18 zł - more


20:30 - 25.05.2024 - 15/18 zł - more
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The new film by one of the most interesting contemporary directors, Michel Franco, portrays two people who, in search of love and understanding, have to face the demons of the past and illness.

Sylvia is a social worker, she leads a simple and orderly life concentrated on her daughter, work, and AA meetings. The situation changes when she returns from her high school reunion and is followed by Saul. An unexpected meeting will have a profound impact on both of them, opening a door to the past. Michel Franco ("The Guardian", "Sundown") is the writer and director of "Memory". Oscar winner Jessica Chastain ("The Eyes of Tammy Faye", "Asylum") plays Sylvia, a single mother struggling with a traumatic past. She is accompanied by Peter Sarsgaard ("Citizen Jones", "Batman") as Saul, a man suffering from dementia who is isolated from the world by his family. Michel Franco creates their
story with delicacy and sensitivity, showing a relationship that gives the characters a substitute for security and closeness.

It is difficult to talk about stories about trauma and painful experiences from the past. So many people have gone through terrifying experiences and found ways to move forward. I’m sure almost everyone knows people who have experienced some very dark things in their lives. When preparing for a film, I spend a lot of time creating backstories for the characters I play. Even if it has nothing to do with film scenes, I create this type of story because then I can be closer to my heroine and understand her better. It’s very inspiring that Sylvia develops a relationship with Saul, who is really the only person who sees her exclusively in the moment they meet. He doesn’t have to explain anything from the past, who he is, only what matters “here and now”. I think this is extremely inspiring in this relationship, said Jessica Chastain in an interview for Variety.

My uncle had early dementia. It is very difficult to imagine such a serious disease in a person my age. I thought I really had something to say about this character. I also noticed that the portrayal of dementia in other films I had seen was not like his. One of the things I loved about my uncle was that whenever someone he had never met showed up, he would say, “Hey! How are you? It’s good to see you. How are you?” He wanted everything to be fine until the very end. I thought it was a good opportunity to play someone who suffers from this disease but wants to be positive for everyone at every moment, until the last second. You think of this disease as something that takes away your personality, but it doesn’t have to be like that – Peter Sarsgaard recalled in an interview with Variety Featuring Oscar winner Jessica Chastain, and the winner of the Volpi Cup at the Venice festival – Peter Sarsgaard.

Michel Franco’s film has already won the award for best actor for Peter Sarsgaard, which was awarded during the Venice International Film Festival. It was also shown in Toronto, San Sebastian and London, where it was very positively received by viewers and critics. The Polish premiere took place at the American Film Festival in Wrocław.

NOTE: Special offer in May: a ticket to the screening at the Cinema entitles you to buy selected coffee at the Central Cafe for PLN 6.

directed by: Michel Franco
cast: Jessica Chastain, Peter Sarsgaard, Brooke Timber, Merritt Wever, Elsie Fisher,
Jessica Harper, Josh Charles
drama / USA, Mexico, Chile / 2023
premiere: 22.03.2024
running time: 100 min

Benshi are film meetings for cinema afficionados with a zestfor discussion. If you love cinema, join us. Look for inspiration. Inspire.

Series: Mystery
What would cinema be without mystery? It pushes the characters to look for answers to questions that seem unsolvable. The mysteries, secrets, and hidden facts from the past, or surprising relations between characters constitute the strength of the film’s narrative, drawing the viewer into a whirlwind of emotions and speculations. In our May series, we will look at several secrets. Each of them has a different dimension and will take us to a completely different world. First, a meeting with a mysterious neighbour will completely change the life of the main protagonist of “All of Us Strangers” (2023). We will try to unravel the mystery of memory and its meaning following the events that ensue. From Tunisian, fictionalized documentary ”Four Daughters” (2023) we will learn about the secret of intergenerational female message. Does it have anything to do with Polish reality? And finally: what secrets are hidden behind the teachers’ lounge doors? Which of the students committed the prohibited act? These questions will be answered in an ambiguous way in the film “The teachers’ lounge”. From the very beginning, mystery in cinema provoked the viewer to explore the hidden motivations of the characters, and solve the puzzles that lie behind seemingly ordinary events. We will follow this lead in May and who knows what conclusions we will reach during the discussion…

The project is co-financed by the Polish Film Institute.

We would like to remind our audience that the Centre for Culture’s Cinema runs according to the creed “Cinema, not popcorn”, which means that we focus on advertising-free screenings. The showtimes in our cinema are equivalent to the start of the film screening. Please arrive on time. According to the regulations, late arrivals will not be admitted to the screenings.

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