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Noma My Perfect Storm

17:00 - 15.04.2018 - Cinema - more

Noma My Perfect Storm

17:00 - 15.04.2018 - more

Noma, awarded with two Michelin stars, won the prestigious San Pellegrino World’s 50 Best Restaurants four times. The restaurant located in the old quarter of Copenhagen, in the warehouses of the former Danish commercial fleet, is visited by critics, culinary experts, restaurateurs and gourmets from the most distant corners of the world.

They come to learn about the artistry of one of the most known and respected contemporary chef. A visionary whose innovative approach to local culinary traditions and native products has revolutionized Scandinavian cuisine. After more than a decade of successes, her creator is preparing to open a new place and travels the world residing in restaurants in Tokyo and Sydney.

directed by: Pierre Deschamps
dokumentalny/ Wielka Brytania/ 2015
duration: 100 min




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Noma My Perfect Storm

15-04-2018 - more

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