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Ode to freedom

11:30 22 - 13:00 22.03.2023 - Main Auditorium - free admission / enrolment - more

Ode to freedom

11:30 22 - 13:00 22.03.2023 - free admission / enrolment - more

The performance “Ode to freedom” is a voice of young people in important matters regarding respect for the rights of every human being, including the basic – the right to freedom.

The show expresses a longing for freedom, which humanity wanted since the dawn of centuries, which it must constantly fight for. It is an attempt to seek answers to questions – what is freedom? Is it given to us forever? Are human rights observed in today’s world?
What leads to human dramas, wars, conflicts? What can we do to feel free? Dancers of the bands “Arabeska” in cooperation with the Panopticum Theater, are looking for answers to posted questions. The stage action will be enriched with visual effects and recordings of
dancers made in Lublin.

Performers: Arabeska dance group and Panopticum Theater from the Youth Culture Center “Pod Akacja” in Lublin

Script and artistic guidance: Mieczysław Wojtas; choreography and dance preparation; Agnieszka Kępka, Anna Kiełczykowska; Video recordings and image editing – Aleksandra Golan, Sebastian Jóźwik and Adrian Tarnowski; Music: Piotr Tesarowicz “Prayer”, Max Richter – “Voices 1 & 2 “, Chris Benstead” Wrath of Man, Woodkid “On Then and Now” (Travis Lake “Sin”, Olafur Arnalds “Dyad 1909”); Running Time: 40 min

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Ode to freedom

22-03-2023 - 22-03-2023 - free admission / enrolment - more

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