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OnArt 2023 | Other ME

18:00 - 14.07.2023 - Cinema - free admission - more

OnArt 2023 | Other ME

18:00 - 14.07.2023 - free admission - more

A review of film related to broadly understood art.

1. “In between realities”, dir. Carin Goeijers, short film – 18 min, 2023
How is technology changing humanity? Do we need a body to be human? In his multidisciplinary work, the Dutch opera composer Michel van der Aa explores the great themes of the digital age, and seeks answers to questions on the borderline of humanity, technology and consciousness.

2. “The cell”, dir. Po Cheng Tsai, Meng Hsueh Ho, short film – 23 min, 2022
State of mind in the era of a pandemic. Isolation and separation lead to constant procrastination and stagnation in space. However, images of living together, moving together, competing, fitting in, and showing oneself come to mind.

3. Faces of an exhibition, dir. Nina Wesemann, Simon Reichel, short film – 38 min, 2022
Can art tell about illness in a way that words can’t? Documentary about a group of artists and people suffering from schizophrenia who create an exhibition aimed at reducing stigma.

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OnArt 2023 | Other ME

14-07-2023 - free admission - more

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