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Oscar Nominated Shorts: animated

17:00 - 19.03.2018 - Cinema - more

Oscar Nominated Shorts: animated

17:00 - 19.03.2018 - more

Watch short animated films, which this year were selected for the race with the highest number of votes of members of the American Film Academy.

Already in the 1930s, the importance of short films for world cinematography was appreciated, rewarding its best creators with an Oscar statuette. This category functions to this day – the best short feature films, documentaries and animated films win prizes.


  • Dear Basketball, dir. Glen Keane / USA, 2017 / 6 min
    On the eve of his retirement from basketball, NBA legend Kobe Bryant describes his love for the game, which began when he was a young child. From his youthful dreams of glory to his 20-year career, Bryant describes how he and basketball have given each other all they have.
  • Garden Party, dir. Victor Caire, Gabriel Grapperon / USA, 2016 / 7 min A luxurious villa and its grounds have become home to amorous, hungry and accident-prone frogs and toads. While they enjoy the bounties on offer, including caviar and macaroons, the amphibians uncover the whereabouts of the villa’s owner.
  • Lou, dir. Dave Mullins / USA, 2017 / 7 min
    Lou, the guardian of the lost and found box at an elementary school, tries to teach young bully J.J. that giving to the other kids will make him feel better than stealing from them.
  • Negative Space, dir. Max Porter, Ru Kuwahata / France, 2017 / 7 min
    Based on a 150-word poem by Ron Koertge, “Negative Space” is a short animated film that depicts a father-and-son relationship through the art of packing a suitcase.
  • Revolting Rhymes, dir. Jakob Schuh, Jan Lachauer / Great Britain, 2017 / 29 min
    Based on Roald Dahl’s mischievous retelling of classic fairy tales, REVOLTING RHYMES tells the story of two daring young women – Little Red Riding Hood and Snow White — who defy convention and find their own way to a happy ending.
    Total running time: 54 min




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Oscar Nominated Shorts: animated

19-03-2018 - more

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