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P.K.P. Trio / Hnydyn / Kushniruk

19:00 - 06.12.2019 - Main Auditorium - more

P.K.P. Trio / Hnydyn / Kushniruk

19:00 - 06.12.2019 - more

It is a line-up set up specifically to pay tribute to a big jazz fan, founder of the legendary club Dzyga in Lviv and director of the Jazz Bez festival – Markijan Ivashchishin.

It consists of long-time friends and pupils of Markijan from Poland and Ukraine:

P.K.P. Trio – a rhythmic section with punk roots gives a strong basis for the spontaneous improvisation of the saxophone. Thrilling performance from the edge of noise performed by P.K.P. is not deprived of melodies. Sounds that resemble listening to sounds from space give you some time to catch your breath. The layer created by the instruments of the traditional jazz trio is also enriched with electronics and unconventional sound sources.

Igor Hnydyn – the best Ukrainian drummer of the young generation, co-founder of the Lviv School of Jazz and Contemporary Music, as well as the Jazz Department of the Lviv Academy of Music. Participant of many international festivals and laureate of competitions – both percussion and jazz. Igor has been working for years to integrate the musical environments of Poland and Ukraine.

Taras Kusniruk – one of the leading jazz guitarists of the young generation in Ukraine. Connected with the Lviv club Dzyga and the Jazz Bez festival. Member of the bands Mark Tokar Belveder Group, ShockolaD, Lviv Hammond Trio. He performed many times at foreign and Ukrainian festivals.

The band:
Piotr „Łycha” Łyszkiewicz – tenor & soprano sax, electronics
Karol Gadzało – double bass
Piotr Gwadera – drums
Marcin Zabrocki – kays
Taras Kushniruk – guitar
Igor Hnydyn – drums



Main Auditorium


Adam Szczepanek

tel: 81 466 61 09

P.K.P. Trio / Hnydyn / Kushniruk

06-12-2019 - more

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