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Pacifier Tree – Ritual Installation

10:00 - 07.10.2020 - Galeria Sztuczki - korytarz parter przy wejściu „Biblioteka” - more

Pacifier Tree – Ritual Installation

10:00 - 07.10.2020 - more

Ritual installation for children between 2 and 4 and to for all those who remember the separation from their pacifier with a tear in their eyes.

Everyone knows love can be many different things. So it is with the love for a pacifier. Some children go through the moment of parting without major problems, and for others it is the first real drama.
Parents often bend over backwards, take different approaches. And the fact that you are already so big, and that only the little ones use the pacifier… The outcomes are different and often end in crying and real longing, and often visiting the store to buy some substitute. And if you thought about it differently, if you made it a real rite of passage, in which the baby frees its pacifier, lets it go, live a pacifier life…

The story of the pacifier land is an excellent especially for those little ones who want to save their pacifiers from the terrible fate of extinction.

Concept and text: Liza Szczęśliwa; read by: Dominika Krzyżanowska; sound: Tomasz Kraśkiewicz; tree installation: Jacek Fijałkowski

Co-financed by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage from the Culture Promotion Fund.


Galeria Sztuczki - korytarz parter przy wejściu „Biblioteka”


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Pacifier Tree – Ritual Installation

07-10-2020 - more

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