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Olsztyn Dance Theatre

Pan Kejk

18:00 - 06.12.2021 - Main Auditorium - 15/25 zł - more
Olsztyn Dance Theatre

Pan Kejk

18:00 - 06.12.2021 - 15/25 zł - more
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Mr. Kejk is a story about discovering a comic book world full of absurdities, the futility of purposeful actions, the unreality of real situations, the laziness of the hard-working and the weaknesses of the strong.

Together with the title character Mr. Kejk, we travel from Kejkolandia to Popolandia, a country that is close to us and distant at the same time. Mr. Kejk, in comic-book drawings, browses through the scenes of the everyday life of the inhabitants. The dance performance “Mr. Kejk” is built around spontaneously created compositions, drawing inspiration from everyday life. The visual layer, incredibly colourful costumes and the simplicity of the form allude to surrealism, pop art and traditional comics. The show is created for families with children. The dancers provoke, suggest images, the rest is helped by the unlimited imagination that the audience can start from the very first minutes of the performance.

Dear viewer, let yourself be drawn into Popolandia, allow yourself to have unrestricted fun with your own imagination, laugh out loud whenever you want and maybe try to fry a nice pancake with us from this surreal mixture of images.

concept and choreography: Katarzyna Grabińska in cooperation with dancers; performance and creation: Anna Janczarek, Monika Parafniuk, Aleksandra Salej, Marta Jakimicha, Łukasz Szleszyński; directing consultations: Tomasz Czaplarski; video: VJ Tonda Kinoko; costumes: Ada Jędrych; lighting direction: Jerzy Świtoń; production: ARToffNIA Dance and Art Foundation; duration: 40 min


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15/25 zł

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The show is addressed to families with children from 5 years of age


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Pan Kejk

06-12-2021 - 15/25 zł - more

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