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Population Density: The Story of an Explosion

19:00 - 14.10.2019 - Main Auditorium - more

Population Density: The Story of an Explosion

19:00 - 14.10.2019 - more

The stage choral tale explores the condition of the world and the psyche of a human being after the explosion, a human being crushed by the burden of the difficult past, functioning in a cloud of images and sentences, attached willy-nilly on the way and brought here and now.

Protagonists of Alexievich’s tales are lost in time. Cracked and inaccurately assembled, they constantly compare themselves-now and themselves-in-the-past, yet they are able to see the things around them penetratingly. The problem is that their view is Orpheus-like: he looked back, whereas they look into their own skulls, into themselves. Their eyes meet the ruthless gaze of Medusa – the lost time which threatens to return. They fear that the past has gone and it is already beyond recovery. Their bodies cooled a long time ago, their heads are still drying after the dance of the last day of the summer – in the world before the explosion.

Once a head used to sweat out, nowadays it sweats in. Moreover, there is a fear that the past may once again become the future. These people have become carriers of trauma, sensitive to any impending catastrophe. They are prophets of new threats.

Based on Chernobyl Prayer. Chronicles of the Past by Svetlana Alexievich
Directed and adopted by: Krzysztof Popiołek
Scenography by​: Anna Wołoszczuk
Costumes by:  Piotr Popiołek
Cast:  Bibianna Chimiak ,  Karolina Sabat , Dariusz Mikuła, Piotr Starzyński
Premiere: June 2017
Duration: 80 minutes


Main Auditorium


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Population Density: The Story of an Explosion

14-10-2019 - more

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