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19:15 - 08.10.2023 - Cinema - 12/15 zł - more


19:15 - 08.10.2023 - 12/15 zł - more
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A cinematic portrait of a modern girl.

Her hair is pulled back in a messy bun, her eyes fixed on the monitor. The yellow sneakers have no laces, and a T-shirt shows through under the white shirt. 25-year-old Reality Winner (played by “Euphoria” star Sydney Sweeney) is a young translator who has her own routine. After work, she runs yoga classes, shops for the next few days, sips iced coffee and posts selfies on Insta. In stressful situations, he protects himself with humour. Reality is full of contradictions. This is noticed by FBI agents who search her house. The girl is suspected of printing secret documents. However, she seems to care more about her cat and dog, who are stressed by the presence of strange men.

“Reality” is a portrait of a modern girl that we have been waiting for a long time. A girl who cannot be pigeonholed – her personality has many colours. She uses different variations of femininity, like masks that she alternately puts on. Her love for the serenity that yoga brings does not preclude her from doing crossfit in her spare time. Her unconventionality and knowledge of the spectrum of topics impresses – and that’s what modern women are like. She hides behind blonde stereotypes when it’s convenient for her to bounce the ball
and use her intelligence. She resorts to humor when she feels threatened – who among us has not tried to get out of an awkward situation like this? An almost intimate meeting with Reality, captured in 90 minutes, is, following the “The Worst Man in the World”, a portrait of a modern girl 2.0. In this role, Sydney Sweeney shows that she has enough talent to become a great actress.

dir. Tina Satter
cast: Sydney Sweeney, Josh Hamilton, Marchánt Davis
drama / USA / 2023 / 83 min

We would like to remind you that the CK Cinema has the slogan “Cinema, not popcorn”, which means that we focus on screenings without advertising. Hours of screenings in our cinema are tantamount to the start of the film screening. Please arrive on time. According to the regulations, latecomers will not be admitted to screenings.

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08-10-2023 - 12/15 zł - more

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