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Splat! Nights


19:00 - 06.07.2018 - Cinema - more
Splat! Nights


19:00 - 06.07.2018 - more

A hit, girlish thriller, which changes the meaning of the words “fight like a girl.

The blonde-haired beauty Jen is staying with a lover and his friends in a luxurious villa in the middle of the desert. Very quickly, she arouses the interest of men. Things are dramatically out of control, and the idyll changes into a nightmare. Initially, the film plays with these common schemes to make a drastic change. Until now, this kind of cinema was actually created only by men. Now the woman becomes his driving force, giving the run of the whole action.

directed by:Coralie Fargeat
thriller / France / 2017
duration: 108 min

Splat!Nights – we show the most important and the best genre movies. This cycle is held throughout the whole year and it’s a part of the Splat!FilmFest




06-07-2018 - more

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