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19:00 - 11.12.2022 - Cinema - 12/15 zł - more


19:00 - 11.12.2022 - 12/15 zł - more
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Rimini is the first part of a fictional dilogy created by the Austrian director.

Richie Bravo (Michael Thomas) still dresses like a rock star, but the best years of his artistic career are behind him. The aging Austrian only rides on his former popularity. However, groups of retirees visiting Rimini, Italy, where the film is set in the off-season, is still impressed with his bleached blond hair, shiny suit and voice. The man uses it meticulously. During the evening performances at the hotel, he presents old musical hits.

He sells souvenirs, if necessary, he will rent his villa, and he will also provide other services for the most faithful fans. Especially as Richie's financial needs increase. Not only because of his father's illness, but also because one of the women he meets
turns out to be his daughter, abandoned by him years ago. An attempt to rebuild this difficult relationship will be a chance for the hero to start anew. After making two documentaries, Austrian director Ulrich Seidl returns to feature films. However, it still shows and scores with great consistency that part of reality that we would like to sweep under the carpet.

directed by Ulrich Seidl
cast: Michael Thomas, Tessa Gottlicher, Hans-Michael Rehber, Inge Maux, Claudia
Martini, Georg Friedrich
drama / Austria, France, Germany / 2022
running time: 114 minutes

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11-12-2022 - 12/15 zł - more

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