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Robot Dreams

11:00 - 01.06.2024 - Cinema - 10 zł - more

Robot Dreams

11:00 - 01.06.2024 - 10 zł - more
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Adapted from a comic book by Sara Varon. The film is dialogue-free, and features anthropomorphic characters.

Outside the window colourful New York, full of life and laughter. Animals, just like people, live their own lives, fall in love, quarrel, find friends – all except DOG, who looks from his apartment with sadness and a hint of jealousy at the crazy city. He would also like to have a friend, but… he lacks courage. One day, he succumbs to the sweet promise of advertising and buys himself a friend – a ROBOT. When ROBOT comes to life, it becomes DOG's best friend in the world. Skating, music, hot dogs, fooling around – these are their fun-filled days. Everything changes on the last day of summer when they go to the beach. To save his buddy who was trying to make friends with the sea water, the DOG has to leave him alone for a while. How will this adventure end?

directed by: Pablo Berger
animated / Spain, France / 2023
running time: 90 min

“Cinema, not popcorn” is a motto of the Centre for Culture’s Cinema. We focus on screenings without crunchy snacks and advertising blocks, and we also ask our viewers not to use their mobile phones during the screening. The showtimes in our cinema are equivalent to the start of the film screening.

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Robot Dreams

01-06-2024 - 10 zł - more

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