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Show Your Style / Poka Styl

10:00 - 27.08.2022 - Concert Amphitheater “The Shell” in Saxon Garden - free admission - more

Show Your Style / Poka Styl

10:00 - 27.08.2022 - free admission - more

Lublin Dance Theatre invites to the Street Dance Show Your Style dance competition, which will take place as part of the Przestrzenie Sztuki programme!

The competition will be conducted without division into age categories, taking into account four categories relating to style: Hip Hop 1 vs 1, Popping 1 vs 1, Waacking 1 vs 1 and Show Your Style 1 vs 1. In all qualifying categories (1-minute individual presentations to DJ’s music), the top 16 will
be selected to compete in 1 vs 1 battles in the knockout system.


Show Your Style 1 vs 1 – a category in which dancers can show their own style by competing against popular music. No matter what you dance, the category is open to everyone, come on and show your style.

Hip hop 1 vs 1 – the style originated in the USA, developed on the streets and in clubs, among the African American and Latin American community. Hip-Hop has a solid foundation, but its main essence is freestyle, thanks to which it manifests itself in various faces and forms.

Popping 1 vs 1 – US style from the early 70’s. The main centres that influenced the emergence of Popping were Fresno, the Bay Area, Los Angeles, and Pomona (G-Style). The basics of this style are Pop and Groove as well as styles falling under the term Umbrella, among others Animation, Boogaloo, Puppet, Robot, Scarecrow, Scrobbing, Strutting, Tutting, Waving.

Waacking 1 vs 1 – a style born in Los Angeles, in the 70s, while the club floors were playing the greatest hits of the disco era. Over the last few years, this style has strongly developed and spread all over the world, including Poland. As always in this category,
expect a lot of fun and a huge dose of emotions.


Judges od the Competition:
– Ness Westgang
– The falcon
– Doma

DJs will take care of the music:
– DJ Lazy One
– Dj Tweetson

The MC of the Competition will be:
– MC – BBoy Saigon

Competition schedule:
10:00 – 10:30 am Registration and warm-up
10:30 am – 12:00 pm Hip hop eliminations
12:00 – 1:00 pm Popping Qualifiers
1:00 – 2:00 pm Waacking Qualifiers
2:00 – 2:30 pm Poka Style Qualifiers
2:30 – 3:00 pm Top 16 Hip hop
3:00 – 3:30 pm Top 16 Popping
3:30 – 4:00 pm Top 16 Waacking
4:00 – 4:30 pm Top 16 Show Style
4:30 – 6:00 pm Break
6:00 – 6:15 pm Judges’ show
6:15 – 6:55 pm Hip hop

6:55 pm – 7:35 pm Popping
7:35 – 8:05 pm Waackig
8:05 – 8:45 pm Show style
8:45 – 9:00 pm Award ceremony
9:00 pm – 2:00 am After – Wirydarz Cultural Center

1st place – PLN 700
2nd place – PLN 300

Entrance for spectators: free admission
Entry fee: PLN 30 first category, each subsequent PLN 10

Registration: via the form:

Competition regulations


DJ Lazy One – is a deck artist and vinyl collector, a hip-hop player by nature. Constantly in the process of musical search. He likes to turn up the dance floor, not limiting himself to genres. For years he has been playing for Bboys, Bgirl and Street Dancers in our country andabroad!

Dj Tweetson – Mateusz Dragan. Born and raised in Rzeszów, Dancer, DJ, Event organizer, Engineer Surveyor by education – Artist by vocation. He began to delve into the secrets of DJing in 2018, but as a hip hop enthusiast and dancer, he loved to “dig” music for as long as he can remember. His musical selections circulate around Hip Hop, Funk and electronic music, but he does not limit himself to other genres and looks for inspiration
in various climates. He believes that you should keep an open mind and do not label the music, but looks for a common vibe and groove in productions with a diverse spectrum. It does not divide music into old and new, but into good and less. He had the opportunity to play as a DJ at events such as: Redbull BC One Camp Poland – Popping competition, Krakow; Style Deck – Popping competition, Warsaw; All Out Battle – Street Dance competition, Szczecin; Rock the 3 City – Hip Hop Battles & Popping Jam, Gdańsk; Siemanko Contest – Hip Hop competition, Gdańsk; Wirująca Strefa – Hip Hop, Allstyle and Afterparty competitions, Łomża; Thunder Waves – international Popping, Waving and afterparty competition, Krakow; Double Camp – contest Popping, Hip Hop, and events and jams, Olsztynek; Bitwa o Wschód – Contest Popping & Hip Hop, Rzeszów; Elektro Bauns -Popping contest, Warsaw

MC – BBoy Sajgon – is the organizer and leader of the oldest Brekking competitions in Poland, “Radomskie Dwójki”, and other events, such as “Dancing with Nami” or “Flow on the Floor”. sports events. He loves to conduct events spontaneously, especially on the streets, during outdoor shows and at various festivals and street performers.

Ness Westgang – poping judge by French popper Ness Westgang! Always on the go and always evolving. A member of the Westgang team, which has been successful on a global scale. Winner of many contesów, including: Juste Debout, Old School Nite, WOD (World Dance Colosseum), Battle Bad, Pay the Cost to be the Boss.

Sokół – hip hop actegory is judged by Sokół, a top hip hop dance and house dance dancer in Poland. He shares his experience by leading numerous classes and acting as a juror at events in Poland and abroad. He includes the most important achievements, among others: the Final 9️ times “Wirująca Strefa” in the category Hip Hop, House, Allstyles; 7️ times “Your Original Style” in the category Hip Hop, House, Allstyles; 5️ times “Back In The Day” in the category Hip Hop, House; 4️ times “Eat Your Feet” in the category House, Eat Your Beat; 3️ times “Baltic Games Hype Up” in the Hip Hop category; 3 times “Rytm Ulicy” in the Hip Hop, Showcase category; 2️ times “Infinite Force” in the Hip Hop category; 2️ times “Urban Dance Meeting” in the Hip Hop, House category; 2️ times “Planet Rock” in the Hip Hop, House category; 1️ “Ghetto Games” (Latvia) in the House category; 1️ “Hyper Week” (Italy) in the House category

Doma – judges the Waacking category. He has armies of his wonderful pupils at Point Dance Studio in Poznań and trains dancers all over Europe and Asia. Member of the first team promoting Waacking in Poland, Punie Crew. He also represents our country at the largest dance events as a Battle Guest and judge.


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Show Your Style / Poka Styl

27-08-2022 - free admission - more

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