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Sometimes I Think About Dying

18:45 - 03.03.2024 - Cinema - 15/18 zł - more

Sometimes I Think About Dying

18:45 - 03.03.2024 - 15/18 zł - more
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A story about overcoming one’s own limitations, full of subtle humour. The star of the final “Star Wars” trilogy, Daisy Ridley, plays the main part.

Rachel Lambert’s film is an adaptation of the award-winning short film Stefanie Abel Horowitz, which was based on the play “Killers” by Kevin Armento. Fran (played by Daisy Ridley) is a typical introvert. She lives alone, avoids people, even though she is somewhat dependent on them at work, and any deeper relationships fill her with genuine terror. Her painstakingly ordered life is filled with monotony, and every day looks exactly the same. Breakfast, a few hours spent in the office in front of the monitor, returning home, dinner and sleep. Except, no one really knows what Fran has been thinking about all this time. Her way of overcoming everyday boredom is quite original, and that is to fantasize about the circumstances under which she might die. From an ordinary car accident to more fanciful and brutal events, such as being strangled by a snake. A new colleague, Robert (Dave Merheje), who, to her surprise, is interested in her and decides to invite her to the cinema, interrupts her macabre thoughts.

Despite the depressing title, there is a lot of warmth, a subtle sense of humour and empathy. An interesting genre hybrid, Fran’s story reflects overcoming social phobias and trying to cope with one’s own limitations.

dir. Rachel Lambert
cast: Daisy Ridley, Dave Merheje, Marcia DeBonis
comedy, drama / USA / 2023 / running time: 91 min

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Sometimes I Think About Dying

03-03-2024 - 15/18 zł - more

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