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Spring Dreams

18:00 - 27.04.2018 - Biała Gallery - more

Spring Dreams

18:00 - 27.04.2018 - more

The exhibition attempts to look at various aspects of creative imaginations, obsessions, imporunities which have sources in human psyche and are creations of fantasy.
At the exhibition, we will see works by artists of different generations, which combine references to naive art conventions.

An important element and stimulus inspiring the exhibition is to remember (after 10 years of publication in the Biała Gallery) the work of the late self-taught painter Iłarion Daniluk, called Zenek (1939 – 2000). He worked in Podlasie in the 70s and 80s of the last century and adorned the interiors of residential houses in a total way.

The exhibition will feature works by: Emilia Bogucka, Julia Curyło, Michał Chudzicki, Magdalena Franczak, Jan Gryka, Maja Kitajewska, Anna Nawrot, Szymon Popieled, Magdalena Shummer-Fangor, Marcin Zawicki, Zenek, Agata Zwierzyńska.


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Spring Dreams

27-04-2018 - more

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